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Custom Heat Transfers

Custom Hot-Split Ink Heat Transfers

Springhill offers high-quality custom heat transfersto fit almost any need, ranging from company logos, to team names and numbers, to one-time special events.

To provide the highest degree of versatility, Springhill offers two methods of creating custom transfers: Hot Split Ink, and Color Laser Copy Transfers.

For tips on printing your Springhill transfers, see our Pressing Information page.

To order your custom transfers, email us at

Hot-split Custom Transfers
Sheet sizes up to 13x15
Use this chart to determine your cost based on the number of ink
colors required, and the quantity of transfers you order.
Quantity: 25 50
1 color 4.00 2.80 2.15 1.72 1.23 .90 .75 .65
2 colors 6.00 4.50 3.05 2.55 1.95 1.38 1.00 .80
3 colors - - 4.00 3.41 2.70 1.88 1.35 1.00
4 colors - - 5.00 4.30 3.49 2.40 1.75 1.30
5 colors - - - - 4.31 2.95 2.05 1.55
6 colors - - - - - 3.40 2.45 1.85

Glitter Inks
Minimum order on gltter ink transfers is 100 sheets.
Please add the following upcharge PER TRANSFER from the standard price:
Quantity: 100-149
250 and up
Add Per Transfer + .30 + .25 + .20

Full-Color Digital CLC Transfers

Digital CLC Transfers are capable of creating photographic quality images for garment printing. Laser Transfers are the easiest and most economical way to produce multi-color custom transfers in small quantities. Just send us your photos, artwork, or computer files, and we can print any quantity you need ... there is no minimum!
Digital CLC Transfer Pricing
# Of copies 1-12 13-24 25-49 50 100 250 500
Price Each 5.50 4.65 3.75 2.55 2.40 2.30 2.00

CLC transfers have maximum image size of 10.5 x 16 inches.
CLC transfers must be printed on white or light colored garments.

Additional information

Art Prep charges: All custom orders that require us to provide artwork, setup is billable at $50 per hour.
Ink color change: $10 per color change, per order. For example, if you have a single-color transfer and you wish to silkscreen 50 pieces in black and 50 pieces in white, you would need to pay one $10 color change fee.
Deposit: A 50% deposit is required to start any custom work. The deposit will be 50% of your total order cost. Custom orders can be prepaid in advance by credit card to avoid paying a deposit, and will expedite your order. Any balance due on non-credit card orders must be shipped C.O.D. Once the deposit is paid, our art department can send you a proof via fax or email at no additional cost.
Turnaround: 4-7 working days is typical.This figure may vary depending upon press schedules and art time, if required. Jobs are taken on a first come, first served basis.

We can't be responsible for time lost due to missing information or being unable to contact the customer.

Be sure to plan ahead to account for press time and shipping!

Submitting digital files: You can in some cases expedite your order and reduce setup costs by supplying us with digital files.

We can accept files on floppy disks, USB "thumb drives", or CD/DVD-ROM. We can also accept digital files via email, however it is strongly recommended that you contact us via email before sending your files so that we can review your submissions and avoid long downloads of files we can't use.

Preferred file formats are Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. We can also accept CorelDraw files, if exported to .EPS format. Simple GIF or JPEG files are perfectly fine for our use as copy templates, however they cannot be used to create color separations and art fees will apply.

File formats we can't use
under ANY circumstances:
word processing documents such as Microsoft Word, presentation documents such as Powerpoint, or any page-layout documents such as QuarkXpress, InDesign, or Pagemaker.

If you have questions about preparing your artwork, contact us via email at:



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