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When A Child Is Born

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When A Child Is Born adult size iron on heat transfer for light garments.

Transfer size is approximately 11 X 13 inches, and works with a heat press of 15 X 15 inches or larger.

Hot Split Transfer Pressing Instructions:

Use these settings for best results when pressing your hot-split transfers:
Temperature: 375ºF

HEAVY Pressure.

Manual presses require heavy pressure. Tighten the press as much as possible.
If the transfer is not adhering, you are not using enough pressure.
Some of our transfers require more pressure than other brands.

Air driven presses set at 45 to 50 lbs.

Time: 7-10 seconds, rub down quickly, peel hot.

Our transfers are designed to be used with commercial-grade clam-shell heat presses. They are not usable with home irons.

This transfer works on 100% cotton, or 50% cotton/50% polyester blend garments.